china sanitary pad

As a leading china sanitary pad manufacturer , our goal is to provide comfortable, efficient and high quality products. Our sanitary pads are flexible, absorbent and made of harmless chemicals to maintain cleanliness and comfort throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle.

The company provides various choices, including increasing the brand and logo of goods, to meet the special needs of customers. The factory’s wholesale price and on-site wholesale service make us a reliable supply dealer, wholesaler and export dealer. In order to satisfy the needs of our customers, we have prepared various dimensions and packaging to meet the maximum interests of our customers.

The company’s monolayer wholesale service allows customers to obtain products from design, development to production, packaging, transportation. Rich experience and will be the main supplier. Our team is committed to providing high quality service and customer support, and we work closely with customers to ensure customers’ satisfaction with our products and services.

Our Chinese pillows are conveniently and effectively designed for menstrual cycle use. There are micro, micro, normal and guitar sizes. Our pillows are cheap. Cheap for women of all income levels.

Finally, our goal is to provide our customers with comfortable, efficient and inexpensive high-quality china sanitary pad. Our options, factory wholesale price, single wholesale service make us a reliable supplier, wholesaler, exporter. We will satisfy customers’ needs by providing as much experience as possible.

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  • Adult Care

    Comjoy Adult Disposable Underpads

    ⭐Ultra soft topsheet provides premium comfort for users
    ⭐Diffuse urine quickly and evenly, ensure dryness within a short time
    ⭐Super Absorbent Polymers(SAP) can absorb urine quickly, keep the pad dry for a long time
    ⭐Diamond embossed design can diffuse liquid rapidly to keep the top-sheet dry and protect skin health
    ⭐Breathable back-sheet prevents leakage effectively and allow fresh air to circulate

  • Adult Care

    Comjoy Disposable Adult Diaper Pants

    ⭐Wide adjustable elastic waist for a comfortable fit
    ⭐360-degree leak-proof, always be a guarder
    ⭐Strictly selected raw materials, safe and secure
    ⭐Hydrophilic skin-friendly soft surface
    ⭐Huge absorbent core, long time of dry feeling
    ⭐Breathable bottom layer, not stuffy

  • Feminine Care

    O’flye Lady Sanitary Pads for Nightime 290mm Best Factory Price

    ⭐Cotton-like soft surface, gentle for skin
    ⭐Instant absorption provides improved protection and comfort
    ⭐3D leak-proof guard gives engineered fit to prevent leakages
    ⭐By using raw materials with active odor control properties, the odor will be kept under control.
    ⭐Longer and wider BR wings design is to offer a stronger and wider grip to the underwear.
    ⭐Specially designed for night time or heavy days, the 290mm O’flye sanitary pads provide maximum protection for the users.

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