eco wet wipes

As a eco wet wipes supplier in China, we have committed ourselves to providing high-quality, soft, efficient and sustainable products. Green paper is biodegradable, has no time for harmful chemicals and ensures the safety of humans and the environment.

We offer options to adapt to customers’ specific needs, including the possibility of choosing product size, materials and packaging. The overall price of our factories and services are reliable suppliers. The system prioritizes client satisfaction and sets out a set of user specific options to meet clients’ needs.

Our wholesale services cover everything we need, from design and development to production, packaging, and distribution to customers, enabling people to get the products they need. As a leading supplier to the entire industry, we have important experience and knowledge. Our team provides excellent services and services, and we work closely with customers to ensure they are satisfied with our products and services.

Because eco wet wipes are well designed as well as efficient, they represent a valuable option for widespread use. Provide different sizes, materials and options, including perfume outside perfume. Tolalide can be purchased and can be bought for all high-income people.

In short, we are working to provide wetlands of high quality, efficient, and sustainable paper to customers. If we change our decisions, we will sell wholesale to suppliers and service providers. We are determined to meet customer needs, provide expertise and do our part to protect the environment.

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  • Bath wipes

    BR Union Biodegradable Body Wipes 80cm×50cm

    ⭐Made from 100% bamboo fiber
    ⭐Biodegradable and eco-friendly
    ⭐Size-up and thickening
    ⭐cotton-like soft touch for skin
    ⭐refresh skin and not sticky
    ⭐Effectively wipes the body sweat and oil

  • Cleaning Care

    BR Union Mosquito Repellent Wipes

    ⭐Safe mosquito repellent: herbal formula is safer
    ⭐More eco-friendly to protect the environment
    ⭐Convenient: perfect for daily use or travel

  • Baby Care

    Eco Bamboo Wipes

    Product Introduction: Made by natural and renewable bamboo fibers with 98.5% pure water; No containing alcohol, fluorescent bleacher, heavy metal and formaldehyde, suitable for baby use.

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