extra large pull up diapers

As the extra large pull up diapers manufacturers in China, we strive to provide a quality, comfortable and efficient product. Our barrels are made of neat, soft, absorbing, harmless chemicals, ensuring the safety of children and the environment.

We offer a range of distribution options that meet the customer’s specific needs, including product size, absorption and expression options. Wholesale and integrated wholesale prices make us reliable suppliers, wholesalers and exporters. We define customer satisfaction priorities and offer a range of distribution options to meet customer requirements.

Our wholesale services at one of the stations include everything from product design and development to production, packaging and transportation, making it easier for our customers to access the products they need. As pioneers of this industry, we have great experience and experience. Our team strives to provide our customers with special services and support, and we work closely with our customers to ensure that they are fully satisfied with our products and services.

Our extra large pull up diapers have been designed comfortable and effective, so they are suitable for children and children. These substances are of different sizes and levels of absorption, and different options, including flavors and flavors. We also easily buy wallets so people from all levels get them.

Finally, we dedicate ourselves to providing our customers with large, comfortable and comfortable quality diapers. Choice of distribution, wholesale prices and comprehensive wholesale services make us reliable suppliers, wholesalers and exporters. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and providing them with the best experience in the field of environmental protection.

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  • Baby Care

    Bamboo Planet Bamboo Pull-ups Baby Pull-ups

    ⭐Pioneer of bamboo diaper since 2011, NO.1 market share
    ⭐150,000,000 pcs annual sale
    ⭐70% degradation rate within 75 days( ISO 14855-1-2012, tested by SGS)
    ⭐100% bamboo viscose topsheet & backsheet
    ⭐Latex free elastic waistband
    ⭐Super absorbent core and anti-leak leg cuffs

  • Pet Care

    Casoft Pet Diapers Supplier

    ⭐Effective: scented to attract puppies
    ⭐Fresh: prevent odors
    ⭐Dry: lock in moisture
    ⭐Antibacterial ingredients
    ⭐Soft and refreshing non-woven surface
    ⭐Super absorbency layer
    ⭐High quality SAP
    ⭐Double decked against leakage

  • Baby Care

    Youth Diaper Pant

    ⭐Designed for maximum leakage protection
    ⭐Absorb liquid instantly to keep dry and fresh all-day long
    ⭐Discreet design enables to users to move freely and confidently
    ⭐elastic waistband provides a snug and comfortable fit

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