Cleaning care
We provide special wipes to match your special market. You can easily find bamboo wipes, bath wipes and glasses wipes in our category.
BARON Cleaning Care

Specializing in the hygiene products manufacturing for more than 13 years, BARON Union provides you and your market with endless options- from design, production to marketing and sales.

Cleaning care products
BARON Union offers abundant SKU and support small MOQ.

Classic wet wipes

Used for cleaning purposes like personal hygiene and household cleaning. Baby wipes are specially designed for baby’s sensitive skin.

Bamboo wipes

Made from 100% bamboo fibres, BARON bamboo wipes are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Bath wipes

Clean and hydrate the body in one easy step, give the users easier and rinse-free body bathing solution. Best suitable for washing body when bathing is not practical.

Glasses wipes

Specifically developed for the gentle and effective cleaning of all types of glass.

BARON Cleaning Care Technology

9EDI Purification
High quality starts with water. The EDI pure water that has undergone 9 purification processes meets the standard of medical water and protects the baby’s/adult’s hands and mouth health from the source filtration process.
Skin care protection

Without harsh chemicals, BARON wet wipes are safer for sensitive skin and gentle to touch. PH balanced to work with the baby or adult skin.

BARON Eco Solutions
We can offer you sustainable options to customize your eco hygiene products.

✔ 100% biodegradable bamboo sheet
✔ Eco glue
✔ Environmental water-based ink
✔ Chlorine-free
✔ Compostable package
✔ kraft paper bag

Our Certificates
When it comes to the safety of our products, we never compromise- that’s why we put effort to obtain more certifications to reassure our clients.
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