Are you using the right diaper size?

Wearing the right size of baby diapers will affect the baby’s movements, prevent leaks and give the best care for your little one. A size that is too small or too large can cause more leaks. We’ve collected data from millions of parents to help you check if you are putting the right size of diaper on your baby.

STEP 1: How far do the tapes reach?

If the fastened tapes are just touching together or close together, that means you’ve got the right diaper size! If the tapes are overlapping, the size may be a bit large for your baby. You can choose a size down. If the tapes are very far apart, you may consider a bigger size for your baby.

STEP 2: How high is the waistband?

The waistband of the diaper is designed to be at your baby’s navel. Whether the waistband is over the navel or below the navel, the diaper does not fit. The waistband over the navel indicates the size is too big for your little one. Below the navel indicates the opposite.

STEP 3: How does the back look like?

The right size of diaper covers your baby’s bottom without going too far up the back. You don’t want too much coverage or not enough coverage for your baby.

STEP 4: How often do you see pressure marks?

Frequent strong pressure marks could indicate a tight fit. Your baby will be uncomfortable if the diaper is too tight! Don’t forget to change a bigger size if you often see the pressure marks.

STEP 5: How often do you experience leaks?

Regular leaks might be caused by the wrong size of diaper. Changing to the right diaper size will greatly reduce the risk of leaks.

This article gives you a guidance for choosing the right diaper size for your baby

The following is a breakdown of choosing the right diaper size.

  • The fastened tapes should be just touching together or close together
  • The waistband should be at the navel
  • The back covers just right on the bottom
  • The pressure marks should be seen rarely or never
  • No regular leaks happen

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