World top 500
raw material suppliers
  • 3M
  • Sumitomo
  • Henkel
  • BASF
  • International Paper

Certified ingredients
Plant-based materials
Biodegradable materials
Compostable materials

Ultra Thin Technology
Combined Core Technology

Ultra absorbent core

Patented inventions by WEHOO hygiene Group
Pioneer of Bamboo Diaper, NO.1 market share
Air Bubble Waistband
Advanced facilities and production line
Designed to be

Comfortable sustainable and green

International certification

60 production lines
Abundant capacity: 2500 40HQ/month

less plastic
pioneer of biodegradable packaging
Biodegradable craft paper bag
100% compostable polybag
Safety water ink polybag
Automatic sealing, 10% material saving
SGS certified Reach testing of SVHC
Skin Sensitivity Test for Dermatological Research Free of Formaldehyde, Chlorine, Lotions, Parabens, Cadmium(Cd), Latex
WEHOO hygiene provides various choices from preemie diapers to pyjama pants, from super breathable newborn diaper, ultra-thin diaper to degradable diapers.
We know incontinence want their hygiene products to be reliable, comfortable and discreet. That’s why our adult hygiene products are designed exactly according to this principle.

Our priority :

Safety Comfortable Eco

Based on the principle of making our products safe, flexible and eco-friendly, we have developed products ranging from pads, ultra-thin, to degradable sanitary napkins.
We provide special wipes to match your special market. You can easily find bamboo wipes, bath wipes and glasses wipes in our category.
Sincere communication with customers for better service
Continue to investing on innovation
pioneer of using biodegradable glue

Our goal in 2025:
provide 100% compostable hygiene products
for you and your market

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