Feminine care

For years, we have made it our mission to make a woman’s period experience comfortable & easy. Based on the principle of making our products safe, flexible and eco-friendly, we have developed products ranging from pads, ultra-thin, to degradable sanitary napkins.

BARON Feminine Care

Specializing in the hygiene products manufacturing for more than 13 years, BARON Union provides you and your market with endless options- from design, production to marketing and sales.

Feminine care products

BARON Union offers abundant SKU and support small MOQ.

Eco Period pads

BARON provides classic sanitary pads for daily use, extra long/wide ones for overnight use, pantyliners for invisible underwear protection.

Eco period pants

We understand some women need extra protection during their special times of the month. BARON sanitary pants are designed with better absorption capacities, and able to prevent leakage even on heavy days.

BARON Feminine Care Technology

Super absorbent core

This excellent absorption comes from FSC pulp and BARON instant absorption technology, which helps the users to stay dry at all times.

High degradable rate
Compostable rate over 80% under outdoor composting environment within 6 months.

BARON body contouring design

Longer and wider BARON wings design is to offer a stronger and wider grip to the underwear. Body contouring design is to provide a better protection and more comfortable experience.

BARON Eco Solutions
We can offer you sustainable options to customize your eco hygiene products.

✔ 100% biodegradable bamboo sheet
✔ Eco glue
✔ Environmental water-based ink
✔ Chlorine-free
✔ Compostable package
✔ kraft paper bag

Our Certificates
When it comes to the safety of our products, we never compromise- that’s why we put effort to obtain more certifications to reassure our clients.
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