Underpads, also known as bed pads or chux, are absorbent pads used for incontinence care. They are placed on top of a bed or other surfaces to protect against leaks and spills. These products are typically made of absorbent materials and have a waterproof backing to prevent any moisture from seeping through to the surface underneath.

Underpads come in various sizes and absorbencies to meet the needs of different users. They are ideal for those who need extra protection during the night or for those who are bedridden. In addition, they can also be used for furniture and floor protection.

When choosing Underpads, it is important to consider the size and absorbency needed. It is also important to ensure that the product fits well with the bed or surface to be protected and that it has a strong, waterproof backing.

Overall, Underpads are a practical and effective solution for incontinence care. They provide protection for beds, furniture, and floors and are a must-have for those who need extra protection and peace of mind.

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  • Adult Care

    Comjoy Adult Disposable Underpads

    ⭐Ultra soft topsheet provides premium comfort for users
    ⭐Diffuse urine quickly and evenly, ensure dryness within a short time
    ⭐Super Absorbent Polymers(SAP) can absorb urine quickly, keep the pad dry for a long time
    ⭐Diamond embossed design can diffuse liquid rapidly to keep the top-sheet dry and protect skin health
    ⭐Breathable back-sheet prevents leakage effectively and allow fresh air to circulate

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