Eco care

BARON Union shares the responsibility to protect the earth. Being a pioneer of bamboo hygiene products, we offer options to upgrade diaper, pull-ups, sanitary napkin, wet wipes and all other series to be green and eco-friendly to match your market and needs.

BARON Eco Care

Specializing in the hygiene products manufacturing for more than 13 years, BARON Union provides you and your market with endless options- from design, production to marketing and sales.

Eco care products

BARON Union offers abundant SKU and support small MOQ.

Diapers & Pull-ups

As pioneer of bamboo products, BARON Union has NO.1 market share and 150 million pieces annual sales. In addition, we are the first company to use eco glue on diapers and pull-ups (plant-based content of 80%).

Sanitary Napkins & Pants

Compostable rate over 80% under outdoor composting environment within 6 months .


BARON biodegradable nursing pads features with a soft touch and comfortable performance.


Bamboo wipes is the classic one. We also use many other plant-based materials to produce wet wipes.

BARON Eco Care Technology

100% bamboo fibres
Topsheet and backsheet are made from 100% bamboo fibres, which is 100% degradable and contains less chemical ingredients.
High degradable rate
Compostable rate over 80% under outdoor composting environment within 6 months.
Compostable packaging
Compostable bag, paper box, environmental water ink are optional for our clients.
Sustainably-managed and renewable plantations
1Mn hectares& 1:1 conservation RER eco-conservation program.

BARON Eco Solutions

We can offer you sustainable options to customize your eco hygiene products.

✔ 100% biodegradable bamboo sheet
✔ Eco glue
✔ Environmental water-based ink
✔ Chlorine-free
✔ Compostable package
✔ kraft paper bag

Our Certificates
When it comes to the safety of our products, we never compromise- that’s why we put effort to obtain more certifications to reassure our clients.
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