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As the leading face wipes manufacturer in China, we are committed to providing high quality, comfortable and effective products. Our face sweeps are made from exquisite materials, soft, soft and free of harmful chemicals, which can ensure the safety of humans and the environment.

We offer a range of dispensing options to meet the specific needs of our customers, including the ability to choose product size, materials and expression. Wholesale and integrated wholesaler prices make us a reliable supplier, wholesaler and exporter. We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer a range of distribution options to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our one-station wholesale service includes everything from product design and development to production, packaging and shipping, making it easy for our customers to access the products they need. As a pioneer resource in this industry, we have experience and experience. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support to our customers. We work closely with our customers to ensure they are fully satisfied with our products and services.

Face pads are designed to be both fine and effective and are therefore ideal for use on a wide variety of skin types. They are available in a variety of sizes and materials and in a wide variety of options, both spicy and unspicy. Our tablets are also easily accessible, making them affordable for all income levels.

Finally, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality, comfortable and effective facial scans. Distribution options, wholesale prices and integrated wholesale services make us a reliable face wipes manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and providing them with the best experience of our role in protecting the environment.

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  • Cleaning Care

    BR Union Facial Cleaning Wipes

    ⭐ 1 pieces= facial towel + facial cleanser
    ⭐ Bubbles come after knead in water and clean facial stains and light makeup
    ⭐ Moisturizes without irritating the skin

  • Cleaning Care

    WEHOO Makeup Remover Wipes

    ⭐Quickly remove waterproof lipstick, mascara and other heavy makeup
    ⭐Contains plant extract, gently remove make-up, no harm to the skin
    ⭐20x15cm large size for travel, strong and not easy to deform

  • Cleaning Care

    WEHOO Shaving Wipes

    ⭐Softening beard: provides skin a cooling feeling and not sticky
    ⭐Adequate water: PO pure water extracted after 6 times of purification
    ⭐Easy shaving: mild and low sensitivity, fresh and non-pungent

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