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As the leading hand wipes manufacturers, we aim to provide quality, safe, efficient and comfortable. Our cleaning cloth is made of soft and non-chemical materials that harm can be used with the hands and surfaces safely.

We have a set of customized options to meet the specific requirements of customers, including the ability to choose the size of our factory products, wholesale prices and wholesale services.

Our comprehensive wholesale service covers everything from product design and development to production, packaging and shipping, making it easy for our customers to access the products they want. To provide quality customer service and support that we work closely with customers to ensure that they are completely happy with our products and services.

Our cleaning cloth is designed simple and effective for all environments, including home, office and public places. They offer different packing options, including personal packaging and large dispensers and have all sorts of aroma, including lemon Lavender and unscented. Our products are affordable and applicable to all income levels.

In short, we commit. To provide high quality hand soap, safe, efficient, comfortable to our customers, our custom choice, factory price, wholesale and turnkey wholesale services makes us a reliable hand wipes manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and distributor of ash cloth. To meet clients’ needs and give them the best experiences while doing everything we can to protect the environment.

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  • Cleaning Care

    BR Union Hand Sanitizing Wipes

    ⭐Cleans and sanitizes hands and kills 99.9% of germs that can cause illness without damaging skin
    ⭐Convenient: perfect for daily use or travel
    ⭐Formulated to be gentle on skin containing no harsh chemicals.
    ⭐Free of harsh preservatives, and do not contain dye, triclosan, parabens or phthalates

  • Classic wet wipes

    BR Union Hand Wipes Mouth Wipes

    ⭐Hypoallergenic, completely free of harsh chemicals
    ⭐Individual pack, convenient for at home or travel
    ⭐Skin-friendly non-woven: use skin-friendly non-woven to reduce friction
    ⭐ Moisturizes without irritating the skin

  • Cleaning Care

    WEHOO Feminine Cleaning Wipes

    ⭐Clean & bactericidal: no irritation to mucous membrane and skin
    ⭐Plant essence: herbal essence, mild and harmless
    ⭐Delicate and smooth touch: glides on skin like silk with every wipe
    ⭐Multiple use: for daily defecation, menstruation care and going outing
    ⭐Convenient: disposable and easy to carry

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