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As the top pet wipes manufacturer in China, we are committed to providing a safe, efficient, high-quality customization product to meet the special needs of customers and their pets.

We have all kinds of custom customizations to meet our specific needs with our customers, including the ability to choose the size of the shroud and recipes, past regrets, factory service prices and past regrets, of one supplier, it’s credible to make us a supplier that stops us from becoming a supplier, and our customers’ satisfaction, other offers of customization to meet our customers’ needs.

One of our wholesale services includes everything from designing and developing products, packaging and shipping so that customers have the products they need. We work closely with customers to make sure they are fully satisfied with our products and services.

Our wet mops are convenient and efficient to suit all types of equipment, including at home, traveling and beauty sales-they have many packaging options, including separate packaging and distributor. Our products have a lot of recipes, including allergies and fragrances. Our product is also very cheap, allowing them to have access to all income levels.

In short, we’re a reliable pet wipes manufacturer. We work to meet the needs of our customers and provide the best experiences to protect the environment.

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  • Cleaning Care

    BR Union Cool Wipes

    ⭐Refresh, soothe, and cool, provides a chilling blast as they cleanse your skin
    ⭐Wipe away and remove dirt, odor and sweat
    ⭐Easy to carry, perfect for daily use, travel, camping and workout.

  • Classic wet wipes

    BR Union Hand Wipes Mouth Wipes

    ⭐Hypoallergenic, completely free of harsh chemicals
    ⭐Individual pack, convenient for at home or travel
    ⭐Skin-friendly non-woven: use skin-friendly non-woven to reduce friction
    ⭐ Moisturizes without irritating the skin

  • Cleaning Care

    BR Union Pet Wipes Dog Wipes

    ⭐For Easy Use on Paws, Body and Bum
    ⭐Individual pack, convenient for at home or travel
    ⭐Hypoallergenic, completely free of harsh chemicals
    ⭐Excellent service, fast delivery
    ⭐International certified, top raw material supplier
    ⭐ Rich marketing materials support

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