pull up incontinence pants

In China, as a pull up incontinence pants industry , we are committed to providing a safe, efficient and customized product to meet our special needs. Our tractor was designed to protect, protect, and protect those who came from the mainland.

We offer a completely new option of customization to meet customer specific needs, including size selection, abstraction level, and the ability to design trousers. Our factory is a fully equipped warehouse, a service agency, that makes us a trusted supplier, a supplier and an exit. We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering a range of customs options to meet our customer’s requirements.

Our one-door service includes all products produced, packaged and shipped. In the industry, we have a lot of experience and experience. Our team is committed to providing outside customer service and support, and we work closely to make sure that they are fully satisfied with our product and service.

Our pull up incontinence pants were hauled up to make people feel comfortable, uncomfortable, and comfortable, making them the ideal of those who hindered them. They operate in all designs, customs, patterns, patterns and colors. Our products are also very efficient, allowing them to reach all levels of product.

We have concluded that we are a reliable zipper to provide high quality products in the factory. Our one-store, selection customization and external customer service puts us in the best position to find reliable suppliers, suppliers, and exporters. We contribute to meet our customers’ needs and provide the best experiences while protecting the environment.

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  • Baby Care

    Baby Diaper Pants

    Product Introduction: Underwear-like design for easy pull up & down; world’s highest certification; 3D leak guard.

  • Baby Care

    Bamboo Planet Bamboo Pull-ups Baby Pull-ups

    ⭐Pioneer of bamboo diaper since 2011, NO.1 market share
    ⭐150,000,000 pcs annual sale
    ⭐70% degradation rate within 75 days( ISO 14855-1-2012, tested by SGS)
    ⭐100% bamboo viscose topsheet & backsheet
    ⭐Latex free elastic waistband
    ⭐Super absorbent core and anti-leak leg cuffs

  • Baby Care

    Ultra Thin Baby Diaper Pants

    ⭐Prevent leaks for whole night
    ⭐Ultra soft & dry topsheet, which is gentle on baby’s sensitive skin
    ⭐Breathable backsheet to prevent diaper rash
    ⭐Underwear-like design for easy pull up & down
    ⭐Cute and colorful backsheet design with safe environmental ink
    ⭐Made without harsh ingredients, earned world’s highest certification

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