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As a leading sanitary pads suppliers, we strive to provide high quality, safe, efficient and customized products to meet the special needs of our sanitary customers.

We have a customized set of options to meet specific customers’ needs, including the possibilities of choosing the water absorbent and fabric design. Wholesale price and wholesale services make us a reliable seller, wholesale and wholesale services. We value customer satisfaction and offer custom options to meet customers’ needs.

Our turnkey wholesale service, including everything from product design and development to product production, packaging and delivery enables our customers to get the products they want easily. To provide excellent customer service and support, we work closely with customers to ensure that they are perfectly happy with our products and services.

Our sanitary pads are designed to be comfortable, absorbent and easy to use. They have every size and level of absorbency and have a wide variety of designs, including customized logo, pattern and color. Our products also offer the right price so that all income levels can be paid.

Overall, we are reliable sanitary pads suppliers, striving to provide high-quality products from our wholesale price plant, customized wholesale service, and excellent customer service, make us a business to find a reliable kleenex supplier for our shipper and our shipper’s choice. To meet clients’ needs and give them the best experiences while doing our job to protect a strong environment.

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  • Feminine Care

    Herbal Sanitary Pads – OEM & Private Label for Wholesalers and Distributors

    You can choose to be our brand agent or custom your own brand.
    Here’s why our clients trust us:
    ⭐Strong manufacturing ability
    ⭐High quality & best factory price
    ⭐Imported raw material
    ⭐International certification

  • Feminine Care

    O’flye Lady Sanitary Pads for Nightime 290mm Best Factory Price

    ⭐Cotton-like soft surface, gentle for skin
    ⭐Instant absorption provides improved protection and comfort
    ⭐3D leak-proof guard gives engineered fit to prevent leakages
    ⭐By using raw materials with active odor control properties, the odor will be kept under control.
    ⭐Longer and wider BR wings design is to offer a stronger and wider grip to the underwear.
    ⭐Specially designed for night time or heavy days, the 290mm O’flye sanitary pads provide maximum protection for the users.

  • Feminine Care

    O’flye Sanitary Pad Napkin Supplier Manufacturer

    ⭐Luxurious cotton-like soft surface for an indulgent feel
    ⭐Rapid absorption technology provides superior protection and comfort
    ⭐Revolutionary 3D leak-proof guard for a custom fit that prevents leaks
    ⭐Innovative active odor control properties keep you feeling fresh and confident
    ⭐Extra-long and wide wings for ultimate security and a comfortable fit
    ⭐Tailored for heavy flow and overnight use, the 290mm O’flye sanitary pads offer unbeatable protection and peace of mind.

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