wholesale baby diaper pants manufacturer

We are a leading wholesale baby diaper pants manufacturer. We are committed to providing safe, comfortable products tailored to the specific needs of consumers. Guarantee the most comfortable protection of our diapers for children of all ages

We provide the user with a set of codes, including layer size, straw and packaging, to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our factory prices are high and exclusive wholesale prices make us a reliable supplier, wholesale distributor and exporter. Our work is focused on service to the satisfaction of our customers and provide a succession of clear options for users that reflect the needs of our customers.

Our services include development, production, packaging and shipping, allowing our customers to get the products they need. As a leader in the sale of diapers and wind pants, we have great knowledge and experience. Our team works closely with our customers to ensure they are satisfied with our products and services.

Our pants are very nice, comfortable and practical, so it is a good choice for young children of all ages of variable dimensions and equipped in the field with a very limited absorption capacity, our products are very advantageous

As a wholesale baby diaper pants manufacturer, we decided to provide high quality products in the process of selling raw materials. Our supply of raw materials, personal selection and first-rate customer service have allowed us to develop in the search for reliable suppliers, wholesalers and exporters. We put our experience at the service of our customers and make every effort to protect them

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  • Baby Care

    Eco Bamboo Diaper Planet Baby Diaper

    Product Introduction: Made from 100% bamboo viscose, natural and biodegradable, biodegradability tested by OK-biobased.

  • Baby Care

    Eco Diaper Pants Bamboo Planet Baby Diaper Pants

    ⭐Pioneer of bamboo diaper since 2011, NO.1 market share
    ⭐150,000,000 pcs annual sale
    ⭐70% degradation rate within 75 days( ISO 14855-1-2012, tested by SGS)
    ⭐100% bamboo viscose topsheet & backsheet
    ⭐Latex free elastic waistband
    ⭐Super absorbent core and anti-leak leg cuffs

  • Baby Care

    Velona Cuddles Premium Baby Diapers Size 2

    You can choose to be our brand agent or custom your own diaper brand.

    Here’s why our clients trust us:
    ⭐100% safe for baby, no harsh chemicals
    ⭐Leak-proof, 3D leakage guard
    ⭐Super absorbent, imported SAP core
    ⭐Support small MOQ, a great many of SKU
    ⭐Excellent service, fast delivery
    ⭐International certified, top raw material supplier
    ⭐rich marketing materials support

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