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As a leading disposable diaper factory, we strive to provide high-quality products at comfortable, absorbent, and affordable prices. Our disposable diapers are made of excellent materials, filled with flexible, flexible, strong absorbable materials, ensuring effective drying and comfort of children.

We offer a wide range of customization options to meet your needs, including size, style and package selection. Our wholesale price and comprehensive wholesale service make us a reliable supplier, wholesaler and exporter. We specialize in customer satisfaction and offer a wide range of customization options.

Our universal wholesale service includes everything from product design and development to production, packaging and transportation, so you can easily get the product you need. As an industry leading supplier, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Our team strive to provide excellent customer service and support and work closely with customers to make sure they are fully satisfied with our products and services.

Our disposable diapers are comfortable and absorbent so babies of all ages can use them. They come in a variety of sizes, aromatic and non-aromatic, and we’ve made diapers cheaper for all income groups.

In other words, we aim to provide disposable disposable diapers that are high-quality, comfortable, highly absorbent, and affordable. Our options, factory wholesale prices and one-stop wholesale service make you a reliable disposable diaper factory, wholesaler and exporter. We strive to meet your needs and provide you with the best experience possible.

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  • Baby Care

    Baby Diapers for Newborn

    ⭐Elastic side pannel to provide extra comfort for newborns
    ⭐Super Soft hot air non-woven top-sheet to keep baby comfortable
    ⭐Super absorbency core with Sumitomo SAP to lock liquid quickly
    ⭐Elastic waistband is designed to provide better fit
    ⭐Wetness indicator reminds the parents when to change diaper

  • Pet Care

    Casoft Pet Diapers Supplier

    ⭐Effective: scented to attract puppies
    ⭐Fresh: prevent odors
    ⭐Dry: lock in moisture
    ⭐Antibacterial ingredients
    ⭐Soft and refreshing non-woven surface
    ⭐Super absorbency layer
    ⭐High quality SAP
    ⭐Double decked against leakage

  • Adult Care

    Comjoy Adult Diaper Supplier Manufacuter

    ⭐Special 3D leak prevention channel, effectively protect against side-leakage
    ⭐Re-fastening tape allows you to adjust the waist size according to each person’s need
    ⭐Ultra soft topsheet provides premium comfort for adults, also helps to diffuse fluid quickly and evenly, ensure dryness within short time
    ⭐ Rich marketing materials support

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