Casoft Pet Diapers Supplier

⭐Effective: scented to attract puppies
⭐Fresh: prevent odors
⭐Dry: lock in moisture
⭐Antibacterial ingredients
⭐Soft and refreshing non-woven surface
⭐Super absorbency layer
⭐High quality SAP
⭐Double decked against leakage

Casoft Pet Diapers Supplier

Casoft Pet Diapers are highly effective because they are scented to attract puppies. Your pet will love to wear it. In addition, the special scented dog diapers neutralize odors to maintain a fresh smelling at home. 

Casoft Pet Diapers are designed with super absorbency and lock in wetness in seconds to help the pets to keep dry and clean.Casoft Dog Diapers are made from antibacterial ingredients, which can greatly reduce the risk of irritation. We ensure Casoft pet diapers are 100% NO CHLORINE, and NO LATEX , NO PRESERVATIVES, NO PVC , NO TBT, NO FORMALDEHYDE , NO PHTHALATES, NO DYES as well. 

As one of the leading pet diaper manufacturer in China, we guarantee these dog diapers are 100% safe for your puppy. BR Union offers a sanitary management solution for pet lovers. We have lots of options from pet diapers to pet wipes to keep your pets comfortable, and your home clean. The adjustable and repositionable tapes can work just like a baby diaper to provide a customized fit without sticking to the fur or irritating dogs’ skin. 

The dog diapers feature a soft and refreshing non-woven surface to promote rapid fluid acquisition and allow an even distribution of fluid. These pet diapers feature super absorbent layer with premium polymer that locks in moisture or accidents more quickly. Designed with double leakage protection layer for prevent leaks. BR Union is one of the top pet diaper manufacturers in China, looking for distributors globally, and professional private label diaper service is provided. 

With strong manufacturing capacity and best diaper machine, we’ve gained the trust of our diaper business partner: Walmart, Carrefour, Metro, Rossmann, Watsons, Jean Coutu, the Warehouse and so on. After years of international diaper brand promotion, BR Union has developed into a world-class brand of high-end diapers and other hygiene products.

World Top 500 raw material suppliers

BR Union has partnered with several leading material suppliers including Japanese SAP producer Sumitomo, German SAP producer BASF, USA company 3M, German Henkel and other global top 500 companies.

International Certificates

BR Union develops baby diapers & pull-ups, biodegradable diapers, adult diapers & pull-ups, sanitary pads & pants, underpads, wipes, and other hygiene products. The quality control procedures and management have been certified by international third parties including BRC of Britain, FDA of the USA, CE of the EU, ISO9001, SGS of Sweden, TUV, FSC and OEKO-TEX, etc..
System Certification
Product Certification

Strong Partnership

You can easily find our brands and our clients’ brands in big supermarkets and malls all over the world, including Walmart, Carrefour, Metro, Watsons, Rossmann, the Warehouse, Shopee, Lazada, etc..

Customer Reviews

Besuper is one of great company that is producing original diapers all the world, they have won many international awards and they're contributing wonderfully globally they're company to reckon with.


I search for baby diaper manufacturers on Alibaba, honestly, I received about 15 response back. I narrowed it down to 3 companies, based on the prices, I saw on Alibaba, the quickness of responses to my inquiry and my gut feeling. Although BR Union's prices were not the cheapest quote, I felt more comfortable with my communication with BR Union and just chose BR Union.


Kayla at BR Union was very easy and friendly to deal with and was very helpful in answering all of my questions. The nappies and nappy pants that I received were a lovely quality and very comfortable for the children. Great product and service.

Zo Blatch

This diaper are so silky soft both on the outside and inside, smoothing to skin, and they have a good elasticity around the waist. Great!!!


Fast response and very profesional team. Lance gave me great service. will be buying from this company.


Sample arrived quickly and were packaged well. Thank you!



Yes, established on 2011, we have 8 production lines of baby diaper & pant, capacity is 250*40HQ container per month.

For selling our BR Union brand: 1*40HQ (can mix more than 25 different SKU, about 10000pcs for each SKU )

For diaper private label service: about 80000pcs for 1 SKU.

Offer support in FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE; Support with pictures, videos, display rack, promotional gifts, etc.

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